Monday, April 7, 2014

Record Store Visit: Repo Records - Philadelphia, PA - 04/04/14


This past Friday I went down to Philadelphia for the first time in many years so that I could see Rocket From The Crypt play.  It was the 3rd show in a row that I was lucky enough to see them play.  Though I didn't really get much time to spend in Philly before the show started, I did manage to hit up 1 record store while I was in town.

Repo Records is a fairly small store.  They certainly slant towards indie music for the most part.  A few racks of CDs a bigger selection of new LPs and a few crates of used records floating around upstairs.  There's a 2nd floor of junker vinyl downstairs as well according to signs in the building, but I didn't really have time to go digging though that.

What the store really doesn't have much of at all is 7"s, which are always my favorite things to dig through.  It's hard to get excited about a store that has fewer 7"s than I do, but I think I have more records in the B section of my 7" collection than Repo Records has in the whole store.  Still, while I was there I picked up the new Cloud Nothings record on blue vinyl, so while it wasn't an amazing shopping experience, there were still things there to keep me interested.  Hopefully next time I end up in Philly I'll be able to hit up some of the other stores as well.


  1. You MUST make it to Long In The Tooth next time you are in town - Philly's best kept secret...

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