Thursday, August 7, 2014

Flesh Panthers - Nice Things 7" - Blue Vinyl


Tall Pat (2014)

When I went to Chicago for the first time last year I was struck by a handful of things.  The first was how stupid good the pizza is there.  But the biggest takeaway I had was how much it reminded me of New York City in the mid 90's.  It hasn't been bulldozed and rebuilt into a giant outdoor mall like New York has.  Chicago still has great record stores.  Chicago still has a bunch of good music venues.  Chicago still has a pulse and you certainly can't say that about Manhattan anymore.

Well, I guess when you have a city that's actually alive and kicking, you're going to get a band as great as Flesh Panthers.  They manage to take a '77 style punk rock energy, filter through a 2014 garage band aesthetic and then, just to make me happy, cram in ten thousand hooks into every song. They remind me a bit of Marvelous Darlings, but with the glam turned down and vocals that make me think of the band Year Zero.

These guys play with passion, they play with fire, but more than anything, they sound like they're just having a great time.  That goes a long way with me and from the second the needle drops on the lead song "Nice Things," I wish I was right up front at a Flesh Panthers show.  I'd be singing along and high-fiving everyone around me.  Can't wait to hear more from these guys.

Flesh Panthers - Nice Things 7":

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