Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Ettes - Cry On My Shoulder 7"


Windian (2014)

The third 7" in the Windian Singles Series is from Nashville's The Ettes.  I can't say that it is my favorite of the bunch, but it's not bad either.

Side A contains the song "Cry On My Shoulder."  It's a slower paced, 50's style throwback with light, clean guitar and subdued vocals.  The vocals are so subdued and wispy that they really remind be of helium induced Ween more than anything else.  While certainly not a negative comparison, it does result in me thinking the song is kind of fun and lighthearted, which I'm not sure is really the vibe they were going for.

B side "Girl I'll Never Be" is a bit harsher and calls back to the 60's more than side A.  The vocals are a little stronger here, with a decent bit of snarl thrown in for good measure.  But the song is darker and not as easy of a listen as "Cry On My Shoulder,"

Both songs are totally fine.  It's a good enough record to be part of a singles series, but I just can't imagine going out of my way to buy it on its own.

The Ettes - Cry On My Shoulder:

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