Friday, August 29, 2014

The Apes - Bodies 7" (+ Windian Box Set)


Windian (2014)

The fifth and final entry in the 2014 Windian Subscription Series is The Apes.  Again, this is a new to me band, but I can't say that I'll be particularly interested in seeking out more tunes by them.

While I do like that they are in this box since they add yet another layer of diversity to the set, they're brand of slow, somewhat sludgy rock just isn't my cup of tea.  The A-Side "Bodies" is built over a slow, throbbing bass line with dark, gravely vocals.  I could very easily see it as a soundtrack to bury a few bodies to, so I guess it could be considered accurately named.

The B-Side picks up the tempo ever so slightly and this time the band has added some atmospheric synths to the song.  Again, it's just a little to slow to catch my interest, but I'm notoriously picky when it comes to that sort of thing.  It takes quite the band to impress me with a slow jam and The Apes just don't do it for me.

That being said, the Windian Subscription box set as a whole is a tremendous purchase.  The variety of bands is great and the Mrs. Magician and A Giant Dog 7"s are both worth the price of admission on their own.  The box set packaging is outstanding with a hefty booklet & pin.  I can't really recommend it enough.  It is every bit as good as the first volume.  Windian is getting round three going now and you can be sure I will be pre-ordering that one as soon as I can.

The Apes - Bodies:

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