Thursday, August 28, 2014

Overnight Lows - Bullshit Self 7"


Windian (2014)

Round 4 of the Windian Subscription Series brings us a band from Jackson, MS called Overnight Lows.  Sometimes I think that the world has just run out of band names with how goofy some are these days, but I actually think Overnight Lows is a pretty great one.  I've never heard of these folks before, despite what looks like a decent amount of records that came out a few years back.  I'm unable to really find anything that they've been up to recently, so I can't say for sure they're still around, but I also haven't seen any breakup announcement.

Overnight Lows play up tempo, catchy garage rock.  The vocals are ever so slightly snotty, but not in an annoying way at all.  They still keep a decent amount of melody in everything and they do a tremendous job of layering shout-along backing vocals into their songs.  Both are pretty good, but my favorite of the two is actually the B-side, "Steady Hands."

I'd be on the fence about buying this as a standalone record.  These are two fun songs, though I'm not sure how much I'd really listen to them on their own.  However, they are a great addition to the box set. Overnight Lows add another dimension to the proceedings and they are good enough to make me want to check out some of their other records and see how they are.

Overnight Lows - Steady Hands:

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