Monday, August 11, 2014

Sweatshop Boys - The Great Depression LP - White Vinyl (/250)


Dirtcult / Drunken Sailor / Kuskus / Crapoulet / Rapt (2013)

I kind of missed the boat on Sweatshop Boys.  Well, if nothing else I certainly missed the window of having this be a timely review.  The Great Depression came out towards the latter half of last year and for one reason or another, I just never picked it up.  Even though it may not seem this way from reading my website; occasionally I don't have enough money to pick up every record I want right away.  As a result I just kept putting off Sweatshop Boys.

I wish I hadn't as this is a hell of a record.  The band hails from Israel, but draws influence from some of my favorite bands in the world.  I can hear a bit of the high speed chaos of the Marked Men, there's a few songs that have the simple pop melodies of White Wires and every so often you'll get a little downstroke heavy darkness like Red Dons.  You couldn't ask for 3 better touchstones than those.

With big sing-along choruses and tight snappy verses, this is a record that I really hope people gravitate towards quicker than I did. quite a few different record labels from around the world co-released it, so odds are pretty good you'll be able to find someone close to you that's helped put it out.  Grab it, it's fantastic.

Sweatshop Boys - The Great Depression:

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