Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Wet - Let's Get Wet 7" - Gray Vinyl


Tall Pat (2014)

This 7" is the debut release from Chicago's The Wet, and if the songs here are any indication, there's going to be some pretty good things in this band's future.  They're playing a mix of 60's influenced surf riffs with late 70's era punk attitude.  The guitar solos are there and the earth splitting lead vocals from Mae Day are roaring through this 7".

Tracks "Let's Get Wet" and "Miss You" are powerful, creeping along at a mid tempo pace, but barely containing the band's bristling energy.  To me though, the absolute stand out is "Bad Habit."  It's one part Baby Shakes style party rock, one part "I Want Candy" by The Strangeloves and one part whirlwind of profanity.  The poppy songs are always going to be the ones that appeal to me the most, and The Wet has my number with this song.

As I'm not in Chicago and certainly not keyed into their scene of up and coming rock and rollers, finding a band like The Wet this early in the game is great. Thank goodness for the discerning taste of Tall Pat Records.

The Wet - Let's Get Wet 7":

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