Thursday, October 25, 2012

Deep Pockets - Knitting Circle 7"

Art Of The Underground (2012)

Another single from the great Art of The Underground 7" Series, this one from a band call Deep Pockets. I'd never heard of them prior to this 7", but they deal in a currency I appreciate; Noisy 90s influenced indie rock. "Knitting Circle" is a pretty good song, chugging along with a good chorus and some chunky guitar riffs, but unfortunately the band ruins it with a totally unnecessary breakdown toward the end that literally starts with the lyrics "Here's the serious part of the song." I then falls into a spoken word mess. The B-side is a Silkworm cover, "Wet Firecracker." Though it mostly makes me think I really need to go back and check out Silkworm again, because this song rules.

There some hits and some misses with the Art Of The Underground series, this one being kind of in the middle, but whenever I see a package from them in the mail, I'm always very glad I'm a subscriber.

Deep Pockets - Knitting Circle 7":

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