Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jacco Gardner - Where Will You Go 7"

Trouble In Mind (2012)

I'm not certain if there is an actual buzz out there for Jacco Gardner or if I just hear about him a lot because I follow Trouble In Mind on twitter. Regardless, I feel like his name is out there quite a bit for a fellow with only two 7"s to his name. When phrases like "baroque" and "chamber pop" are being used to describe music, I immediately assume I can just replace those phrases with "pretentious garbage." While that is not the case with Jacco Gardner (I don't find him pretentious at all), this is a record that's absolutely not for me.

I guess I just don't like psych. The music or the TV show. There's just something about the swirling, underwater sounding, hippie vocals that just rubs me the wrong way. I think the music on this record is OK, but the vocals just kill it for me. Not a fan. I am happy to buy the record and keep my complete collection of Trouble In Mind 7"s going strong, but I'm going to pass on his upcoming full length.

Jacco Gardner - Where Will You Go 7":

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