Friday, October 26, 2012

The Ballantynes - The Message 7"

La-Ti-Da (2011)

After I heard the more recent Ballantynes 7" that I posted about last week, I knew I had to get their debut 7" right away, especially as it looked like it was out of print. It actually wasn't all that hard to find a copy at a distro so I grabbed it. I'm not sure I like it quite as much as the new 7", but it is still pretty fantastic. As a longtime follower of The Blues Brothers, I've always had a fascination with 60's rhythm & blues and it sure seams like The Ballantynes do too (though I can't comment on their level of respect for The Blues Brothers).

I really hope they have a full length in the works, as I would love to hear more from these guys. If I'm recommending, you should start with the Misery 7" of theirs, but the B-side on the Message 7", in particular, is a hell of a song.

The Ballantynes - The Message 7":

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