Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Meat & Bone LP

Mom & Pop (2012)

One of my favorite records of all time is Orange by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. When that record came out I played it to death. Hit after hit after hit. BLUES EXPLOSION! I've spent the last almost 20 years waiting for them to put out another record that good. While I wouldn't say that Meat and Bone reaches the level of Orange, it's easily the best thing that the band has done in a long, long time.

There's energy on this record. Frenzied, manic, rock & roll energy. The songs just fly by with driving percussion and great back and forth guitar play between Jon Spencer & Judah Bauer. If I had a qualm, it's that I wish the production was a bit cleaner. There's more vocal distortion than I would prefer and the recording seems a little cluttered to me. But that doesn't take too much away from the killer songs on Meat & Bone. Is this record perfect? No, but it probably the best Blues Explosion record since Orange and is certainly one of the better albums of the year. Blues Explosion!

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Meat & Bone:

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