Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - A Reverse Willie Horton LP

Pubic Pop Can (1991, Bootleg)

With the new Blues Explosion album out, I've also been going back to some of their older releases to see how they stand up. Some hold up pretty well, others, not so much. During this time, my buddy @swamipat started posting on twitter about his copy of A Reverse Willie Horton. Frankly, record collectors are a jealous bunch and when he started talking about this record again, I decided I needed to get it in the collection. I had been on the hunt for A Reverse Willie Horton back in the 90's, but the expensive price tag always kept it on the "next time" list.

Well, times have changed in 2012, and I was able to grab a copy off Discogs for $36. Compared to the prices this thing went for in the 90's, SOLD. Musically, this was never my favorite Blues Explosion release, as I have had the vast majority of the songs from the S/T LP and Japanese Crypt Style CD. The songs are all rough, loud and crazy and while I do appreciate the energy, I have always been partial to the band's more polished work.

It's still a mighty fine record to have in the collection though, especially since it completes a long abandoned quest.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Rachel:

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Lovin Up a Storm:

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