Monday, October 8, 2012

The Jealous Sound / Daytrader - Split 7" - Tan Vinyl

Rise (2012)

This was meant to be a tour only 7" released for these 2 bands going on tour. Well, lucky for me the label then put some for sale on their website so I grabbed a copy right away. It's pretty disappointing to get the record int he mail only to discover that The Jealous Sound song is also on their full length. What's the point of this 7" even existing? For the Daytrader song? Who could care about that?

Additionally, this came shrink wrapped, and I somehow managed to screw up the top left side of the record cover when I was trying to open it. Shrink wrapping 7"s is so unnecessary. But since this 7" is also unnecessary, I guess it makes perfect sense in some way. Regardless, even though I'm annoyed I damaged the record a little bit, I'm certainly not about to go buy a 2nd copy of a record that has no purpose.

The Jealous Sound - This Is Where It Starts:

Daytrader - Rita (Live):

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