Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sugar - Gee Angel (Live) 7"

Rykodisc (1995)

Inspired by the recent Sugar reissues, I started looking around for the 1 Sugar 7" that has eluded me all of these years, the Gee Angel Live Promo 7". Lo and behold, I found a copy and even got it pretty cheap. $6 is nothing to take a record off the wants list. To be honest, there's nothing all that special on this 7". Good live versions of Gee Angel and Clownmaster. Not essential, but something I needed to complete the collection. Plus unlike yesterday's Jealous Sound record, at least the songs aren't the exact same version of what is on the full length. Not to mention, Gee Angel is my favorite Sugar song.

I was reading about some Sugar vinyl box set that's coming out in the UK that I believe has an exclusive 7" in it. I'm going to have to look into that. I certainly don't want to buy a box set of records just for 1 7", but I've done crazier things before...

Sugar - Gee Angel (Studio Version, couldn't find this live version anywhere):

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