Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jawbreaker / Steel Pole Bath Tub / The Punchline - Surprise Your Pig Split 7"

Staple Gun (1992)

You don't see me posting much about Jawbreaker on this website as that is a collection I tackled a long time ago. At this point I'm mostly just looking for weirdo variants of the Jawbox split. This, however, is the one record of theirs that has been eluding me for ages. This was a bonus 7" that came with the LP version of the Surprise Your Pig REM tribute album. I've been keeping my eye out for it forever. I even bought once on eBay several years ago, but the seller never sent it to me.

As luck would have it, this guy popped up on Discogs and $9 later, it lives at my house. I wouldn't have minded having the entire LP & 7" set, to be honest, but I was much more concerned with making sure this 7" had a home. I don't really need the entire LP that bad, maybe if I see it on the cheap. I know there must be quite a few of them out there that had the 7" separated from the set. I found the Jawbreaker & Steel Pole Bath Tub covers online and have shared them below. No luck for the Punchline song. Sorry guys.

Jawbreaker - Pretty Persuasion:

Steel Pole Bath Tub - We Walk:

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