Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bangers / What-A-Night's - Split 7"

Snuffy Smiles / Drunken Sailor (2012)

What you are looking at is the Snuffy Smiles version of this split 7", though still delivered to my door via the greatness of Drunken Sailor records. They put out some top notch records, folks really should check them out. I did have to get the Snuffy Smiles version of this record as it keeps my collection of (now) 120 Snuffy Smiles 7"s complete. It's one of the collections I'm most proud of.

Starting off with Bangers, I have an older split 12" of theirs that I wasn't particularly impressed with, so I wasn't really expecting much out of their songs on this split. Much to my surprise, these tracks are significantly better than anything that I have on that other record of theirs. I still don't totally love the singers voice, but these songs are much catchier than anything I've heard from the band previously.

What-A-Night's are probably the best kept secret in Japan right now. Even though Your Pest Band is far from what I'd call a well known band, I feel like they have fans in the right places and I do hear them being lauded. I never hear anyone talking about What-A-Night's and it's a damn shame. Combining elements of all of the great Snuffy Smiles bands of the past, it just thrills me to listen to songs this great. Did you ever like Blew or Lovemen, or Three Minute Movie or The Urchin? Take the best parts of each and that might give you an idea of how great this band is. Buy immediately.

Bangers / What-A-Night's - Split 7":

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