Monday, November 19, 2012

Low Culture - Georgia 7"

Low Culture - Georgia 7" by Tim PopKid
Low Culture - Georgia 7", a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Dirtcult / Dead Broke / Drunken Sailor / Rad Girlfriend (2012)

So while the 2 guitar guys from the Marked Men started up their side projects (Mind Spiders, Potential Johns, Novice, etc) I figured it was only a matter of time before we heard something out of Joe the bass guy. We he's teamed up with folks who were in other bands like Shang-A-Lang and Gypsy and now we have a Low Culture 7". This actually came out a few months ago, but I was waiting to order it with something else to save on shipping. Then I ordered it with another record on pre-order. Basically I totally, unnecessarily delayed myself getting this record.

Well, it's here now and it's fantastic. Fast and hooky, good melodies. Enough pop punk to appease that side of my taste, but enough garagey influences to keep it sounding rough and exciting. In particular the songs "Georgia" & "Travel Song" are out of this world. The only thing I didn't like on this 7" was "Nervous Wreck" which was a bit too shouty for me. The band is going to be putting out an LP on Dirtnap next year, and if this 7" is anything to go off of, 2013 should start off with a bang.

Low Culture - Georgia 7":

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