Friday, November 16, 2012

The Odd Numbers - Holiday 7" & The Easy Life 7"

Side 1 (199?)
Detour (1995)

The odd numbers were a snappy little combo that played Jam influenced mod pop back in the 90's. They've got a good number of singles out there, most of which were compiled onto the absolutely stellar Jazz Cigarettes LP (A must own). I have a few of their 7"s, but am always looking to add more on the cheap if they're available. Once again thank you Discogs.

The funniest thing I'll say is that the Holiday 7" is that it's on a label called Side 1. I have no idea what year it came out, but I think (think being the operative word) that this might have been an early incarnation of what became Side One Dummy. I could be totally wrong, but boy, that's wacky if it's so.

Found a version of Holiday being performed in a parking lot...check it out.

The Odd Numbers - Holiday (Live):

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