Thursday, November 29, 2012

Record Store Visit: Rebel Rebel - New York, NY - 11/21/12

Again, this particular photo isn't mine, so if it is yours and you want me to remove it, just get in touch. I forgot to grab a shot of Rebel Rebel when @swamipat and I stopped on our record store run. This is another hold out from the old Bleecker Street and is another shop I've been frequenting for a long, long time.

Rebel Rebel was always my go to store for import singles. Over the years I can remember picking up Ash 7"s and Beck remix 12"s and that sort of thing. It was never a store where I bought a lot of quantity, but certainly a good amount of quality. It was usually my 2nd stop as a youth. Coming off the Christopher Street PATH train I would typically hit up the Kim's that used to be on the corner of Christopher and Bleecker (long gone and not to be confused with Kim's Underground that was on Bleecker & Thompson). I'd then start the trek down Bleecker heading towards Generation records hitting all the stores in between.

Today, Rebel Rebel is a mess. A legitimate, cartoon character of a record store like you'd see in some bad 90's movie. Boxes of shit everywhere. It's nearly impossible to look through everything; or at least I don't have the patience for it anymore. I don't even know where they keep their 7"s these days. It's a cool store with a great vibe, a total throwback. I'm sure they still have some great records, but they could really use some spring cleaning in this place. I'm afraid I'm going to knock something over and break stuff.

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