Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pluto - Failure 7" & Deathstar 7"

Shake (1994)
Mint (1994)

Pluto was a band that came across my radar via a self titled major label album on Virgin records. Another king of the used bin find. Even though I know they have other records, that was the only one that graced my collection over the years. I recently placed an order over at Green Noise records and saw these 2 7"s in their used section for a dollar each, so I had to grab them.

I can't find any of the band's music online to share, so you'll have to take my word that Pluto is cranking out the big guitar, big melody kind of guitar rock that every major label thought they were going to make money with in the mid 90's, even though none of them did. The band writes tremendous hooks and the songs on these 7"s are every bit as good as the one's I have on that lone CD. I know the band has at least 2 more 7"s, and I think it may be time to hunt down their other full lengths as well.

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