Friday, November 9, 2012

Pinback - Information Retrieved LP - Smokey Blue Vinyl

Temporary Residence (2012)

Pinback is a band that I can always count on. Every few years they get together, record a batch of fantastic songs and release them out into the wild. 2012 is one of those years and Information Retrieved is one of the very best records they've released to date. Unlike a lot of the bands that I tend to gravitate towards, Pinback doesn't subscribe to the louder is better theory. They craft mellow, intricate songs with some of the most unique guitar work you'll hear in my record collection.

But, let's not forget they're from San Diego, so you'll still hear echoes of the scene that inspired some of my very favorites like No Knife, Jehu & others. The vinyl itself sounds amazing. The artwork & packaging is incredible. And although not immediately apparent, the vinyl is pretty cool looking too. You can't really see it when I take my normal picture, but I've included a 2nd shot where I hold it up to the light. Pretty neat stuff. Go buy this. Top 10 of the year for sure.

Pinback - Information Retrieved (full album stream):

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