Monday, November 26, 2012

Record Store Visit: Other Music - New York, NY - 11/21/12

Full disclosure; I didn't take this picture. While I was pretty good about taking pictures on this outing, I forgot to take one at Other Music. This was found using Google. If it is your picture and you want me to take it down, just let me know.

My friend @swamipat was in NYC last week so I went in to the city and we did some good old fashion record shopping. Even though the village is a shadow of what it was back in the 90's, we still managed to hit up 5 stores and I figured it might be interesting to take a week long break from posting about records and spend 5 days talking about the 5 stores we were able to go to. If this isn't something that interests you, no worries on Monday it'll be back to business as usual.

The long gone Subterranean records.
One of my favorites back in the 90's.
If anyone has a picture of the old store
on Avenue A called Adult Crash, please
send it along.  I want to get an archive
of all these old stores together.
1st on the list was Other Music. Back in the day it was across the street from a gigantic Tower Records (where I saw Rocket Fron The Crypt do an in-store appearance once). The Tower is gone, but Other Music is still there chugging away. This was always one of the indie rock stores I would stop at (along with the now closed Adult Crash and Subterranean records). These days, indie rock is a little weird and so is the store's selection. I'm sure the kids love it, but there's not as much here for me anymore. I just never got into the bleep bloop indie electronica stuff. On this day I almost bought a Booker and the MG's record, but decided it was a bit too expensive.

The closed Tower records
on 4th & Broadway
Going back in time, one of the more notable things I can remember buying here in the past was the first death Cab For Cutie record. It was recommended to me by someone I knew from my college radio station. Other Music was the only store anywhere around that was stocking it at the time. Who knew that the band would end up as famous as they are now (and that their first record would pretty much be the only one that I really liked all that much). But for me, that band started at Other Music.

I hadn't been to Other Music in a really long time, so it was interesting to go back. While not really up my alley anymore, if you're in NYC and are looking for some current indie rock or wacky world music or electronica, this would probably be a good store to hit up.

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