Thursday, November 15, 2012

Obits - Refund 7" - Purple Vinyl

La Castanya (2012)

New single from Obits. This was expensive. I had to order it direct from the label in Spain, so right away I was paying in Euros, so I'm on the wrong side of the exchange rate. 2nd, shipping is preposterous overseas these days. As someone who mails out a lot of records, I get that, but geez. But lastly, the label won't sell you one 7", they have a two 7" minimum. All in, this record cost me $34.53. Kind of crazy for 2 songs.

Now the songs. Refund is stellar. Fast, loud, Rick Froberg wailing away. Argueably better than anything on Moody Standard & Poor. A really great song. The B side, Suez Canal is a song sung by the-guy-in-the-band-that's-not-Rick-Froberg. It just doesn't move me. I'm just not into his songs on any of their records. It's probably me, not him. I just feel if Rick's in your band, let the man sing! I don't love that one Hot Snakes song that John sings as much as the rest of their songs either. Worth $34.53? I don't know, it's hard to put a price tag on keeping your collection complete...

I can't find these songs streaming anywhere, but as I was searching I found a link to listen to them in Spotify. I don't use Spotify, but I know some folks do, so you can check the songs out there if you like:

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