Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Audacity - Cold Rush 7" - Red Vinyl


Recess (2014)

One of the best discoveries I've made over the past few years has been Audacity.  They've been putting out some pretty flawless records and their summertime power pop is just a joy to listen to.  It's even more appropriate than ever since the spring is finally starting to pry the temperatures around here out of the twenties and thirties and into something that's you can actually live in.

Audacity is the definition of windows down, tunes up rock and roll.  You've got the jangly guitar and the slightly (slightly, not annoyingly so) fuzzy vocals crammed into these little nuggets of pop rock. This Japan tour 7" contains a different version of "Cold Rush" from their last album.  Honestly, while I can tell it is different, I wouldn't say it's a huge change from the album version.  Also on the 7" is "Dentist Appt." This one is a little slower, but still hangs with anything from Audacity's past catalog.

Finally, you get a download for a third song called "Fun Spot."  This one is back to being upbeat, though I don't know why they didn't just put this song on the 7" and leave the alternate version of an already released song to the digital download realm.  That's just me.  Still, it's a cool little 7" to pick up.  Audacity pretty much can do know wrong and I hope they're huddled together in a studio somewhere recording a new album and continuing to do no wrong.

Audacity - Cold Rush 7":

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