Thursday, April 23, 2015

By Default By Design - New Best Friend 7" - Blue Vinyl


3345 Music (2014)

When I was a little kid, there was this one time when my grandparents took me out to some restaurant.  I don't remember much about it, but I can only remember going to this place once and it stands out to me because my younger brother wasn't with us for some reason.  At this restaurant there was a fellow there playing music.  

He had an acoustic guitar plugged into an amp, giving the guitar that unmistakable sound that is no longer acoustic or electric, but just loud metallic treble.  This guy played "Rainbow Connection" while we sat there and ate.  Despite the fact that I love the song "Rainbow Connection," even as a really little kid I immediately came to the conclusion that this sucked pretty bad.  

That is the first memory that popped into my mind when I put this By Default By Design 7" on.  As always, I'll state that I'm flattered when someone sends me a record to review.  Also, as the title track appears to be about the birth of his first child, I'm hesitant to be too mean, but this is just terrible.

Oddly strummed acoustic guitar, low rent synth beats and sound effects combined with the most gently sung, buried in the mix, go-nowhere vocals you'll ever hear.  You know that guy in college that plays at the student center with his acoustic guitar, wearing that weird poncho looking thing? That's what this sounds like. As I don't have kids, maybe I don't completely get the sentiment here.  Perhaps I'm missing something in the emotion that he's trying to convey, but I don't think children typically are the cause of bad taste in music.  Sorry guy, this just isn't for me.

Default By Design - New Best Friend 7":

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