Thursday, April 9, 2015

Legendary Wings - Do You See? LP - Blue Vinyl (/200)


Dirtnap (2015)

I've remarked to a few friends as of late that I think 2015 is starting off kind of slow for new music.  Between reissues and older records that I need in the collection, there's never a shortage of things for me to write about, but I feel like 2015 as a whole isn't really living up to the last few years.  Now it's only April, so there is plenty of time to pick up but slower times make me appreciate a record like this from Legendary Wings even more.

Now, it's not perfect.  Do You See? is really short. Shorter in total length and a lot of shorter songs making up the album.  They also have quite a few movie/TV quotes inserted before and after a lot of their songs.  While it's not quite as frequent as it was on their killer debut album, I still can't say I'm a really big fan of that.

Now the songs themselves are pretty tremendous.  Legendary Wings puts forth a wave of fuzzy guitar and pounding drum beats.  Every song is as catchy as they come and this is a band extremely skilled at writing a big time chorus.  I wouldn't say they sound like the Marked Men, because they don't, but I think they are playing in the same ballpark as bands like that do.  Not quite garage, certainly not pop punk, but taking some of the best elements of both and turning it into some kick ass guitar rock.

Despite some minor silly complaints, I heartily recommend picking up this album along with the band's debut from a couple of years ago.  While maybe not the most famous name on the Dirtnap roster, they can certainly hang with the big boys from an album quality standpoint.

Legendary Wings - Do You See?:

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