Friday, April 24, 2015

The King Khan And BBQ Show - Bad News Boys LP - Purple Vinyl (/200)


In The Red (2015)

I've had a weird relationship with King Khan And BBQ Show over the years.  They're one of those bands that so many people like and these people generally seem to have good taste in music.  I have really enjoyed all of the Mark Sultan (BBQ) solo records quite a bit, however, I've just never really liked the King Khan stuff anywhere near as much.  When they get together, it's been a mixed bag in the past, but Bad News Boys is, for me, easily the best thing they've ever done.

The King Khan And BBQ Show is at their best when they are cobbling together doo wop inspired, late 50's - early 60's style rock songs.  This album's got them in spades.  From the opener "Alone Again" to "Ocean Of Love" to my absolute favorite "Illuminations" when these guys are hitting their stride it doesn't get much better.  "Illuminations" has an incredible catchy vocal melody through the verse that builds into each big chorus.  A little guitar solo action in the middle and you've got the recipe for one of the best songs I've heard in 2015 so far. 

Where the band always falls apart for me is when they start up with the ultra fast and trashy garage songs.  There's only really two songs on this record that fit this description and neither of them are very good.  "D.F.O" is just a shouting mess that is is about diarrhea.  It's so bad it threatens to kill the whole record, but it's mercifully short and the rest of the album is so good that I can't get too bent out of shape about it.  

Album closer "Zen Machines" isn't anywhere near as bad, but it also seems out of place from the rest of the record with its shouting and tin can guitar sound.  King Khan And BBQ don't need snotty garage rock about diarrhea on their album; their pop songs are what carry the band.  Bad News Boys is a twelve song album and ten of the songs are really pretty great so it's definitely worth a pick up.

The King Khan And BBQ Show - Bad News Boys LP:

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