Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ist - Boyfriend 7" - Clear w/ Splatter Vinyl


Punk Fox (2014)

I was going to skip out on reviewing this record, to be honest.  I feel like I've been pretty harsh on Punk Fox records. So when their latest 7" by Nervous Twitch had come along and I actually liked it, I figured I'd quit while I was ahead with that one.  I've started feeling a little guilty though as I've had this Ist 7" sitting around for a little while and I just don't want to have the label send me a copy and not get a review out of it, whatever my feelings.

I can't say I really like Ist very much.  I like them more than I figured I would based on the art work since I expected it to be manic screaming hardcore, but they're just not for me.  There's nothing inherently wrong with their music.  "Boyfriend" is a mid tempo rock song with a bouncy start-stop guitar riff and a reasonably catchy chorus.  Unfortunately everything falls apart with the lyrics as the song seems to be and excuse to just swear a lot and talk about how much the singer hates "your fucking boyfriend" over and over again.  

I'm certainly not offended by a bunch of swearing or anything, I think in the right context swearing can be elevated into a fine art form (just watch Veep or The Thick Of It).  Ist just doesn't do anything special with it.  It's just a bunch of bad words and it seems kind of lazy to me.  The B-side is just another version of "Boyfriend" that isn't really much different than the version on the A-side, so I don't really get that either.  You could do worse than this record, but it's not really anything all that interesting either.

Ist - "Boyfriend":

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  1. Nice. I'm sorry I sampled the song here. I'll have that lyric in my head all day now.