Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tenement - Bruised Music Volume One LP - Green Vinyl (/220)


Toxic Pop / Grave Mistake (2015)

Bruised Music Volume One is a collection of some of Tenement's earliest material.  Culling tracks from various 7"s and a few from one of their first demo tapes, it's pretty striking how cohesive these songs are as a full album.  Sure they were all recorded around the same timeframe, but it is interesting just how great these songs all sound together as one piece of music.

I was lucky enough to have caught wind of this band when these songs were first being put out, so I actually have all of the 7"s and most of these songs already.  I didn't have the two songs lifted from the Tenement Sucks demo tape and there are two more from Dead Broke tape compilations that are also new to me.  Still, these songs still sound fresh to me all these years later.  

Tenement is playing with punk rock energy, but keep their songs catchy.  You can't really call them a pop punk band, but god damn can this band write a hook. Layer on top of that some Dinosaur Jr.-esque guitar shredding and that might paint a better picture of what they sound like.  Or just click on the Bandcamp link at the bottom of this review and blow out your speakers with their greatness.

It's very cool having all of these incredible songs on one LP.  I'm eager to get Volume Two of Bruised Music and am even more excited about the upcoming Tenement full length that has been talked about for a few years.  They're simply one of the best bands going right now.

Tenement - Bruised Music Volume One:

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