Friday, April 17, 2015

Corduroy - I'll Get Around To It 7"


Truckstop (1993)

Today's review is going up a little bit later than usual as I took the day off from work in order to sleep in this morning.  With Record Store Day tomorrow and the thought of way less sleep than usual for tonight, I figured I'd treat it like a real holiday and just relax today.  Hanging out on the couch listening to this Corduroy 7" again is a pretty great way to spend a Friday morning in the spring.

This two song 7" from 1993 completes my Corduroy 7" collection to the best of my knowledge and what a capper it is.  Both songs are just outstanding.  "I'll Get Around To It" is the more aggressive of the two.  It's got an upper mid tempo beat, fuzzy guitars and those raspy vocals that just make this band for me.  Listening to these records again, it surprises me that Corduroy seemingly ended up as just a forgotten footnote of the early 90's because they're so great.

The B-side "Ill Be On My Way" could be even better than the A-side.  Slightly slower, it's a total throwback to 60's guitar pop.  While it's a bit gruffer and contains more static than your typical 60's production, the singalong chorus and catchy riffs just make me smile when I listen to it.  Throw in the little bit of whistling in the middle and I'm a fan for life of this song.  I wish I could find it streaming online somewhere, but sadly I cannot.  Trust me, it's worth grabbing off Discogs.  It's cheap and it's just fantastic.

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