Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nervous Twitch - Jonny's Got A Gun 7" - Blue Vinyl


Punk Fox (2015)

Punk Fox probably came pretty close to not even sending me this 7".  I had said in my last review of one of their records that I felt bad about not liking anything they sent and maybe it would save them money if they didn't send them to me.  Well, like the troopers they are, they soldiered on and sent over their 5th release from a band called Nervous Twitch.  This is far and away the best record they have ever sent my way.

The first of three songs, "Jonny's Got A Gun," is a three chord blast of upbeat punk rock mixed with the vocals of classic 60's girl groups.  It's short, but they cram a ton of energy into that small amount of time and the song really reminds me of bands like The Baby Shakes.  "And We Did" slows things down just a little bit, but it still retains the enthusiasm and general likability of the first track.  At this point I am really digging this 7".

Only the final song, "This Modern World," doesn't quite live up to the rest of this record.  It is again a bit slower and seems to lack the fun of the other songs.  It's easily the most serious song of the bunch and while I don't have anything bad to say about it, I think it kind of stands out as having a totally different vibe of the other two.

All in all this is a nice little 7".  I would definitely recommend to to anyone into some of the more recent groups like The Baby Shakes or Stolen Hearts that have been kicking around.  Pretty good stuff.

Nervous Twitch - "Jonny's Got A Gun":

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