Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dog Hotel - Dance On The Cake 7"


Debauch Mood (2012)

I picked up this Dog Hotel 7" as part of my vinyl haul from the record shops of Tokyo.  I had originally heard of Dog Hotel from one of those multi-band compilation 7"s that Snuffy Smiles used to put out every so often.  I haven't seen one of those in a bit, but they were a good way for me to hear some of the new sounds of Japanese punk rock.  For whatever reason, Dog Hotel didn't cross my radar again until I was actually in Japan.

I'm so glad I picked up this 7" as it is pretty damn great.  Dog Hotel is playing an interesting hybrid of old school 90's pop punk smashed together with more modern garage-y power pop sounds.  The result is a band that kind of plays like the Marked Men at times, but can venture out more into less strict musical territory.

The big hit on this record is "In The Hole."  Somehow, Dog Hotel has taken the weirdest, most bent sounding guitar riff I have ever heard and managed to contort it into the hookiest thing I've listened to in ages.  I can't even really do justice to it with a description, just click play below and be blown away by its insanity.  Some digging around has shown that Dog Hotel has at least one split 7" out there that I don't have.  If anyone else can point me to more records by these guys, I will buy them immediately.

Dog Hotel - "In The Hole":

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