Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shipyards - 見つかった CDEP


Self Released (2010)

Shipyards is a band that has quickly become one of my very favorites in a Japanese punk scene that has more than a few amazing bands already.  I have both of their full albums and while I was in Japan I was able to find this CD EP of a demo of theirs.  Of course I had to pick that up for the collection.

This demo predates Shipyards' first album and two of the songs from the CD would end up on that full length.  Both "Bad Illusion" and "Someday in the Rain" are so great, even in this early form.  Sure, the recording is a little fuzzier but the way this band has captured the energy of these songs on this disc is something to behold.  It just seems like the band was formed and they were instantly great.

The two other main songs on this release are also fantastic and I don't believe that they've been released on anything else, but I could be mistaken.  I always seem to stumble across Japanese releases that I had no idea existed.  "Devil Comes" and "No Way" show how this band has taken an obvious appreciation for Leatherface and mid 90's UK punk rock and put their own spin on it.  The rhythm section is fast and punchy and the guitars create a powerful and dynamic blast.  The fact that these songs are so good on a demo is pretty impressive.  The fact that their full lengths are even better is damn near terrifying.  Shipyards is a great band.  I want more!

Shipyards - "Bad Illusion" (This is the version from their first full length, I can't find anything from the demo online):

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