Friday, July 7, 2017

Not Wonk - This Ordinary LP


Kili Kili Villa (2016)

I really enjoyed the first Not Wonk record that I picked up while in Japan, so it was a no brainer to grab their second album as well.  This Ordinary is a slight evolution from the band's last album Laughing Nerds And A Wallflower.  While the real core of this record is based off of an obvious appreciation for 1990's UK rock like Mega City Four and Senseless Things, There are some noticeable changes this time out.

Most noticeable is the Not Wonk's movement towards an even poppier sound.  It's a little bit Brit pop, but I think a more accurate comparison would be to say they're starting to stake out the same sort of sonic territory that you'd usually associate with bands like The Posies or Beezewax.  Throughout the album, Not Wonk show a real mastery for crafting the sort melodic songs that get stuck in my head so very easily.  They tend to fall mostly on the mid tempo side of things, but always have an energy that pushes the song forward always driving towards that giant chorus.

I think at the end of the day I'm still a bit partial to Laughing Nerds And A Wallflower. That album has a rougher side that I think makes it a perfect introduction to the band.  With This Ordinary, the band is building on that framework and pushing their songs into new territory.  It's just as good, but in a somewhat different way.  You should pick up both, but maybe start with their debut.

Not Wonk - This Ordinary:

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