Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Your Pest Band - Old Springhead 2xLP


Snuffy Smiles / Brassneck / Dead Broke (2017)

Over the last few years, Your Pest Band has been one of the most prolific and consistently great bands from Japan.  To the best of my knowledge, I have everything they've released and will continue to buy everything they put out.  That being said, Old Springhead isn't my favorite of their records, but it's still pretty great.

If there's one criticism I have with Old Springhead it's that it is just a little too long.  I'm not sure that Your Pest Band needed to do the double LP here.  Trim off a few songs and put out a 7" or two in addition to this LP would have kept the album a little tighter.  I'd also be remiss if I didn't point out that the fifteen plus minute long "Swell" is pretty tough to get through.  My favorite Your Pest Band songs are the ones that are catchy and blast in and out again.

Old Springhead has plenty of great songs that lean on the strengths of Your Best Band.  The title track "Old Springhead" is a picture perfect example of what I love about this band.  A catchy lead guitar riff, a fast paced drum beat and a killer vocal melody combine to make it a true highlight.  There are so many great songs on this album from the 50's tinged "Found Out" to the bouncy pop of "Nothing" to "Exits," maybe the best song on the entire album.  This is truly a great record, I probably would have just preferred it be a little shorter, that's all.

Your Best Band - Old Springhead:

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