Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Superchunk - I Got Cut 7"


Merge (2017)

One morning a few weeks ago, I woke up to find an email in my inbox from the Merge records mailing list.  It let me know there was a new, limited Superchunk 7" being released to benefit Planned Parenthood.  There was a black vinyl version and an even more limited one on pink vinyl.  Despite ordering it super early in the morning, I wasn't quick enough to snag the pink vinyl version.  That being said, though I do try to maintain a complete Superchunk 7" collection, I've never hunted variants for them and I'm totally fine with the black vinyl version.  Especially since it benefits a good cause.

The A side "I Got Cut" is a new Superchunk original.  Starting off with a squeal of feedback, the guitars quickly sync up with the pounding drum and we're off to the races.  It's a pretty classic Superchunk song, evoking all of those same feelings as when I first started listening to the band.  When they keep things upbeat and energetic, is there a better band?  This one may be a little heavy on lead guitar riffs, but not enough to spoil the good time.

On the B side is "Up Against The Wall."  This is a cover of a song originally done by the Tom Robinson Band.  I'm not particularly familiar with them or this song, so the Superchink version is my first time hearing this.  It's pretty obvious that the source material is tried and true late 70's UK punk/power pop.  Superchunk's version is great with a driving rhythm section and bouncy guitar riff.  In fact, I may prefer it to the A side as it has an innate catchiness that just makes my head start nodding every time I listen to it.  This is a really strong single and I hope it means that Superchunk is off somewhere working on a new full length as well.

Superchunk - I Got Cut 7":

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