Monday, July 17, 2017

Ron Ron Clou - Second Runner LP


K.O.G.A. (2003)

Second Runner is the second full length release by Ron Ron Clou and it's the third album of theirs that I've written about on this site.  Sadly, this will be the last one.  Well, it'll be the last full length anyway, they do have a couple of 7"s out there that I don't have, so you may not have heard the last of these guys.

Second Runner starts off with "Merry Go Round." "Merry Go Round" leads with a stuttering guitar riff that's really similar to the "I Want The Moon" by Leatherface, but it quickly shifts to what Ron Ron Clou does best; straightforward mod influenced pop.  I still think they have similarities with bands like Odd Numbers or The Vacant Lot, but they definitely put their own spin on things keeping each song energetic and upbeat.

Another song that leaps out at me is "The Golden Country."  It has a full on pop vibe that reminds me a lot of another older Japanese band called Popcatcher.  I have a bunch of CD singles by Popcatcher and let me tell you, those are some good pop songs.  I think if forced to make a choice I like Ron Ron Clou's debut, First Album, a bit better, but only slightly so.  Second Runner is also pretty great and I'm happy to have all of the band's full lengths in the collection finally. 

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