Monday, July 10, 2017

Lack Of Sense - Small Lights Over There CD


I Hate Smoke (2014)

Even though it's been six months since I've been in Japan, I still have a stack of CDs by Japanese bands that I haven't written about yet.  This is likely not going to be helped by the fact that another pile of them is currently on its way across the ocean to me right now.  Lack Of Sense is a band that I can't say I had heard of when this record originally came out a couple of years ago, but I'm sure glad I've been able to listen to them now.

Lack Of Sense will appeal to folks that are interested in the Dillinger Fours and Iron Chics of the world.  It's tough, working class punk rock that walks a tightrope between melodic singalong choruses and the sort of razor sharp hooks that you can count on from D4.  There are a good amount of anthemic "whoas" in many of the album's songs.  It's always the sort of thing that makes me think the band would be a lot of fun to see live, with everyone singing along and raising an arm during these parts.

Anyway, I'm definitely glad that I picked up this Lack Of Sense album.  I don't think that the band has released anything else since this album, so I hope they're still around.  I would definitely be interested in hearing more from these guys.

Lack Of Sense - "Just Time Now":

Lack Of Sense - "Take Me Out There":

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