Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mrs. Magician - You'll Fall In Love 7" - 3 Versions


Thrill Me (2016)

It's taken me way longer to review this 7" than it probably should have.  Let's get the pressing information out of the way first.  It's a pressing of 500 overall.  200 are on Black vinyl, 200 are on Coke Bottle Clear vinyl and 100 are on Doublemint vinyl.  The Doublemint in particular is pretty sharp looking.  It's an awesome color choice.

It's no secret that Mrs. Magician are just about my favorite current band.  There is very little they can do wrong in my book and this 7" is a perfect example of all of the things they do right.  The A side "You'll Fall In Love" is an upbeat and catchy entry into the Mrs. Magician catalog.  The guitars are clean and jangly and I absolutely love the way the chorus closes out the song with the overlapping vocals. 

On the B side we have "Spiritual Awakening."  This one is soaked in reverb and slow surf melodies.  I am, of course, partial to a faster pace, but when Mrs. Magician slows things down they have a real knack for keeping things interesting.  They have a way of layering melodies and tones that keep me enthralled.  At this point I'm all in on Mrs. Magician.  There's very little that they do that I don't love.  This 7" is no exception.  Two more fantastic songs to add to their already impressive resume.

Mrs. Magician - You'll Fall In Love 7":

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