Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Exit Condition - Bite Down Hard/Impact Time LP - Red Vinyl /300

Boss Tuneage/Drunken Sailor (2011)

The 1st of 3 Exit Condition LPs reissued on Boss Tuneage/Drunken Sailor Records. And unfortunately, despite the rad artwork, my least favorite of the 3. It takes the band's first Demo Tape & pairs it up with their first 7" along with a few other odds & ends. To me, this sounds like a band still trying to figure it out. Songs are a little fast & screamy for my own personal taste, though I imagine those whose tastes lean more to the hardcore side of things may appreciate this.

I've also decided that when I can, I'll try to post a link to a song off of the record I am posting about when possible. I'm not going to upload anything myself, but if I can find something out there already, I'll pass it on to you.

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