Monday, January 2, 2012

Hot Snakes - Do Not Resuscitate 7" - Clear Vinyl w/ Gray Splatter -Thanks @chris_whitehead

Modern City Records (2011)

I can't think of a better first record post of 2012 than a new Hot Snakes 7". This was sold during their recent tour of Europe, though it was not available at their NYC or NJ shows. 2 new to vinyl songs. The first, Do Not Resuscitate, I believe, was originally meant to be a B-side for a single that One Little Indian was going to put out, but was cancelled. 6 Years later, it sees the light of day. if I had to compare it to another song in the Hot Snakes catalog, I would say it is similar in tone to Plenty For All. High on pop, low on anger. This is a direction Hot Snakes was exploring on the B-Side of their last record Audit In Progress and was a sound i wish they had a chance to delve into more. Great stuff.

The B-Side of this 7" is a cover of a Government Issue song called Time To Escape. This was recorded for and released in the video game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. it was also available on the soundtrack for that game. I actually found both of these songs have been uploaded on You Tube (not by me), so you can listen if you'd like:

Time To Escape

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