Friday, January 13, 2012

Off With Their Heads / Discharge - Split 7" - Black Vinyl & Red Vinyl /200

Drunken Sailor Records (2011)

I like Off With Their Heads and I've been trying to have a complete collection of the most rare version of the first press of each of their records. This band will drive you to drinking if you try to collect all of the wacky variants out there. That being said, I never had planned to buy the black vinyl & the red vinyl for this one. The red was sold out, so I placed an order for the black with an American distro to save on shipping costs. Then a few more copies of the red went for sale on the label's website, so I had to grab one. I could think of worse things than having 2 copies of this record.

I like the Off With Their Heads song a lot more than most people seem to. Discharge is not my cup of tea at all, but you can check out both songs below:

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