Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exit Condition - Days of Wild Skies LP - Blue Vinyl /300

Boss Tuneage/Drunken Sailor (2011)

2nd of 3 Exit Condition reissues on Boss Tuneage/Drunken Sailor Records. This is the reissue of the band's only full length that originally came out on Meantime records (Also once home to Leatherface, Wat Tyler, Sofahead & more). To call this a huge leap from the band's prior work is doing this record an injustice. The songwriting quality on this record shows a band truly coming into their own. Things are slowed down a bit, more melody is added and the result is a truly great LP.

I never had this record prior to the reissue. I had a few of the band's 7"s and i had the CD comp that Boss Tuneage put out a few years ago, but having the chance to listen to this record in its complete running order really put in perspective what a fantastic and sadly forgotten band Exit Condition was.

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