Monday, January 30, 2012

Mr. T Experience / Sicko - Split 7" - GREEN VINYL /100

Top Drawer Records (1993)

While my record collection is extensive and the individual collections of my favorite bands are completed for the most part, there are still a handful of records that I feel like I'll never hunt down. The first one is the 1st self released Love As Laughter cassette, but another that has been on the list forever is the Mr. T Experience / Sicko split 7" that came out on Top Drawer records in 1993 on green vinyl. Sure I had the version on Top Drawer that came out on black vinyl. I have the version that eMpTy records later released. Heck, PopKid records even sort of released this 7" (We put a PopKid stamp on the back of about 50 leftover black vinyl Top Drawer versions). But the limited to 100 copies green vinyl version always eluded me.

Well how about that! One showed up on eBay last week. I've never seen this record for sale before, and there was no way I was letting it slip through my fingers. Sure I paid collector prices for this, but I don't care. After years and years of looking out for it, it's finally mine! Super, giant, huge thanks to @AlanRappa for giving me the heads up on the auction. Had I missed it, I would have been crushed. It's difficult to explain just how thrilled I am to finally have this in my collection, but on top of the rarity and the excitement of finally having this record, let's not forget that the songs by both bands are 2 of the best they ever released.

Sicko: 80 Dollars (I could only find a live version online):

Mr. T Experience: Together Tonight:
Sadly I couldn't find this streaming anywhere, but trust me, it's great.

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