Thursday, January 12, 2012

fluf - 2klb 7"

fluf - 2klb 7" by Tim PopKid
fluf - 2klb 7", a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Red Can Records (2002)

Back in the 90's fluf were one of my absolute favorite bands. I started to lose interest in them a bit when they released Waikiki and by the time Road Rage came out on Honest Don's records, I didn't feel that they were doing anything all that special anymore. This 2klb 7" came out in 2002 apparently, though I had no clue it came out, most likely because I wasn't paying much attention. 2 Songs, both of which I believe, are also on the Canary Training CD. I do want to keep the fluf 7" collection complete, so I picked this guy up to add to the box.

Also, this made me think, perhaps I can also add a new type of post to the site. Every so often I may take a collection picture of all of the records I have from a given band.  Let me know if you like that idea, though I'm most likely just going to do it anyway!

Unfortunately, I can't find either of these songs streaming online anywhere.  But honestly, if you're going to pick up a fluf record, pick up The Classic Years or Whitey on the Moon:

Sticky Bun (from Whitey on the Moon):

Sheela Na Gig (from The Classic Years):

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