Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Space Twins - Osaka Aquabus 7"

This 7" came out quite a long time ago and was a side project for Weezer Guitarist Brian Bell. He put out 3 7"s in total (and I believe a pretty shitty CD if I'm not mistaken). Anyway, I've had the other 2 7"s since they came out, but this one always eluded my grasp. Space Twins are OK. They're not great, just above average pop which is why I never hunted down this 7" all that crazily. I wasn't ever willing to pay eBay prices for it. But recently I found it in the used section of a distro I frequent, so I picked it up to complete the Space Twins 7" collection. That CD of theirs was gotten rid of about a decade ago, no plans to reintroduce that to the collection.

Osaka Aquabus:

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