Monday, January 16, 2012

Tenement - Blind Wink LP - Green Vinyl /100

Cowabunga Records (2011)

Tenement's Napalm Dream was one of my very favorite albums of last year. Blind Wink is not a proper followup. It's an expanded version of a cassette that the band released themselves that focuses on demos and other tracks that aren't on Napalm Dream or any of their 7"s. I will say straight up I don't like this as much as Napalm Dream. The production isn't as full and about 1/3 of the songs are kind of meandering ideas that don't really go anywhere. That being said, the good songs are very good and even though I personally think they could benefit from some better production, there''s no denying that Tenement knows how to write a hit.

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