Monday, January 9, 2012

Royal Headache - Royal Headache LP

R.I.P. Society (2011)

I've got to give all credit to @eekrock for turning me on to this band. Royal Headache hail from Australia, and if you want to try to describe their sound I guess you can start by saying the guitar tone is similar to the treble-y squall of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, though for me that's where the similarities end. I find Royal Headache's songs infinitely more catchy and they are blessed with a truly unique singer. Rather that go for the over blown distorted snot that so many garagey bands employ, Royal Headache is fronted by a singer with a truly soulful voice. Think Otis Redding or Wilson Picket fronting a speed crazy popped out guitar rock band. A unique combo to be sure, but Royal Headache pull it off on what is one of my very favorite records of 2011.

Also, much credit to the US & Australian post offices for getting this to me in one piece considering the distro I bought it from packed it with virtually no protection whatsoever.

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