Thursday, December 6, 2012

Duncan Redmonds - HonkyPingPongSeijinAttack!! - Japanese Tour CD

PingPong (2012)

I think we're going to continue with new Snuff related releases for the remainder of this week. I had recently placed an order for several records from Japan and they have all been in heavy rotation since they arrived. One of the albums I've been enjoying the most is this Duncan Redmonds acoustic CD.

As Duncan is usually know for being in bands like Snuff, Guns N Wankers & Billy No Mates, it was a surprise when I started hearing a few years ago that he had begun playing acoustic shows. I was not surprised at all to hear how good these acoustic versions were, in particular there a so many Snuff songs that lend themselves to acoustic interpretations. This CD has several great ones.

In particular, "B" and "Cricklewood" from Demmamussabebonk are outstanding as is a really interesting version of "Win Some Lose Some." Add in the fact that this CD is boasting some of the funniest artwork I've seen in a while and you've got a album that any Snuff fan simply has to own. I hope to see more acoustic releases in the future, maybe with some Guns N Wankers songs next time too, Raise Your Glass is just begging for a treatment (and as mentioned yesterday, let's not forget Dow Dow Boof Boof!).

No one has put any of these songs online yet, but I did find a live version of Duncan playing 058.

Duncan Redmonds - 058 (Live):

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