Monday, December 10, 2012

Needles // Pins - 12:34 LP

Needles // Pins - 12:34 LP by Tim PopKid
Needles // Pins - 12:34 LP, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Mammoth Cave (2012)

Say what you will about the artwork on this record (though the less said the better if you ask me), but the music contained on this bit of plastic is 100% killer. Needles // Pins hail from Canada and almost seem to be a supergroup in the way they take some of the best elements of their peers and blend them together.

You've got the fuzzed out energy of the Steve Adamyk Band. They show some of the same basic pop sensibilities of the White Wires. The combine this with the sort of glammy attitude that you'll find from bands like Mother's Children or The Marvelous Darlings, but they manage to fuse all of this into a cohesive and extremely catchy sound that just begs for repeated listens.

While I would be remiss to mention that I pre-ordered this record AGES ago and it took the label a really, really long time to finally fulfill my order, this is a record that was absolutely worth the wait. One of the best of the year and one that should absolutely be checked out if you're fond of the current crop of bands rocking out in the great white north.

Needles // Pins - 12:34 LP:

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